Georgia On My Mind

Judy and I arrived in our motorhome, Pat and Judy trailered their Harley, and Ricky and Janice rode their Road King from Nashville.  We all met in Blairsville, Georgia, on April 27 for three days of riding the mountains of Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee.  Almost 800 miles later Pat, Judy, Ricky, and Janice left for home while Judy and I rode some more just to make sure we had seen it all!

Judy and Judy, or "Judy Squared" as Pat and I call them, in leathers ready to ride.

Here's the entire group (except me) posing at the TWO (Two Wheels Only) Campground, a camp for motorcycles only.  Judy, Pat, Ricky, Janice, and Judy.

These are usually pretty normal people.  Pat, for instance markets retirement and executive benefit plans.

I say "USUALLY" pretty normal people!!

Except when they get a chance to ride motorcycles.  Or in the case of Judy, get new thermal underwear!

Well, maybe not COMPLETELY normal.

Judy, alias "The Pink Bandit" dressed for cold mountain riding.

We did get lost a time or two.  Ricky and I have been relieved of navigation duties after getting the group lost in the cold, wet, foggy, dark Tennessee mountains.  Hey, anybody can make a MISTAKE!!  Here Janice tries to figure out where in the mountains we are.

Judy, Janice, Judy. 
Better known as the "Flying J's".  They handled "Deal's Gap" like pros.

Ricky tries on another hairpiece.  We think it's REALLY him!
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