After picking Sasha up from Karen and Casey's in Kearney, Nebraska, Judy and I returned to Estes Park, Colorado, to rest for a few days before heading west.  We rode the Harley a couple of days.  One day we went to Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park.  Another day we took the Poudre Canyon Scenic Byway from Ft. Collins to Walden, Colorado and returned to Estes Park via Grand Lake and  Rocky Mountain National Park.

The Poudre Scenic Byway follows the Cache La Poudre river westward from Ft. Collins to its origin high in the Rockies.

The is beautifully clear and fast flowing river is ideal for rafting.  

Colorado State Road 14 is a winding two-lane road.... ideal for motorcycling.

Bear Mountain, Sheep Mountain, Red Mountain, and East and West White Pine Mountains line the route west to Walden Colorado.

Mountains line the Pouder Canyon Scenic Byway.

The high plains provide eerily beautiful contrast to the ride up through the Rockies.  Mountains ringing the plains remind you that you are at the top of the world.  Walden is a very small western town with a couple of gas stations and a "mom and pop" restaurant advertising "the largest salad bar in town"....... quite likely the ONLY salad bar in this little town.

Leaving Walden on Colorado 125, we headed southeast toward Granby and Grand Lake.  Grand Lake is large yachting lake located high in the Rockies.  "Highest Yacht Club in the World" is its claim to fame.

As we rode up US Highway 34 from Granby toward Rocky Mountain National Park and Estes Park, threatening clouds began to move rapidly across the lake.  The temperature cooled rapidly and our rain suits felt good as we climbed higher in the mountains.  But no rain.

Passing through Rocky Mountain National Park at over 11,000 feet is always a beautiful ride.  

Another day's ride took us to Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park.  This incredibly blue lake was formed by a retreating glacier.  Melting snow keeps the lake filled with crystal clear water.

A view from the back side of Bear Lake.

All animals adapt to their surroundings.  This chipmunk has become adept at begging from soft-hearted tourists.

The view from Bear Lake includes this huge rocky mountaintop.

When I was growing up in Alabama, the Cushman motor scooter was a popular ride for those kids lucky enough to own a motorcycle.  Here, the Cushman looks undersized when parked between my Harley and a touring BMW.  But hey, it made it to the 9,000 foot height of Bear Lake.

Big Thompson creek winds a rocky path through the Rocky Mountain National Park before rushing though downtown Estes Park and eastward toward Ft. Collins..

Elk graze on the picnic grounds of Blue Arrow RV Park where we stayed in Estes Park, Colorado.

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