In late July of 2000, we visited Glacier National Park in northwest Montana.  When we visited Montana in 1999 we thought Glacier National Park was one of the most beautiful places we saw and looked forward to another visit.  We had planned to stay here one week but wound up staying two.  I think you will see why.

The "Going to the Sun Road" bisects the Park, traveling 52 miles from West Glacier to St. Mary.  These are some of the many sights one sees when traveling the "Going to the Sun Road". 

Above, right, below and below right:  Heavens Peak.

Above and right:  Lake McDonald

McDonald Creek, crystal clear water flows swiftly into Lake McDonald.

Logan Pass.  Clements Mountain is a vivid landmark for the Going to the Sun Road's highest point and the Logan Pass Visitor Center.  

Both Canadian and United States flags fly at the Logan Pass Visitor Center.  Glacier National Park and its Canadian Twin, Waterton Park, are called international peace parks because of the Canadian/American cooperation in establishing and maintaining the park.

On the east side of the park, St. Mary Lake welcomes Going to the Sun travelers.

Sheer mountains rise from Lake St. Mary.

Above, below and below right:  Views from the east side of Glacier National Park and Going to the Sun Road.

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