Colorado 2001

Colorado Rocky Mountains
10 Days in June and July
2,100 miles
As many as 13 friends together along the way

It doesn't get any better than this!

With the bikes loaded on the new Kendon trailer, we're ready to leave Orlando for Colorado!

Next stop - Nashville to pick up Ricky and Roo's bikes.


With two bikes in the pickup bed and two bikes on the trailer, we set sail for Denver.

A minor setback! 
With two bikes loaded on Ricky's pickup, the tailgate won't allow room for the trailer to turn! 
 Ricky and Toothpick - off with the tailgate!! 

Above:  We pass the St. Louis arch.  It reminded me of the golden arches.  Hey, what's for lunch?

Below:  Now this place isn't listed in the AAA Guidebook. 
What do you think?  Want to give it a try?


Rooster, Janice, Ricky, Pat, Judy, Woody and photographer Judy
 ready to leave the Denver Airport Hampton Inn
 for a 10-day tour of the Colorado Rockies!
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