Girlie Ride 2002

Front:  Janice, Spicy, Judy, Judy
Back:  Ricky, John, Pat, Woody

The Girlie Ride has become an annual event.   This is actually a couples ride, but the "Girlie Ride" designation differentiates the event from the annual "Guy Ride".   We ride shorter distances, stay in nicer places, eat in nicer restaurants, and the guys shower and shave almost daily.   

This year Pat and Judy, John and Spicy, and Judy and Woody met Janice and Ricky at Mamaw's in Nashville to begin Girlie Ride 2002.  Linda and Jerry were on hand to celebrate Rooster's graduation and help kick off Girlie Ride 2002.  After indulging ourselves in Mamaw's fantastic brunch we climbed on the bikes and headed east.  

Our thoughts were to visit Blairsville and Highlands along the way before spending the night at the Pisgah Inn southeast of Asheville on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  After that plans were a little murky, but West Virginia seemed to be calling. 

What we hadn't counted on, or packed for, was the record cold May weather.   For the first three days of riding, eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina experienced record cold days and nights.  We bundled up, stopped often, and made the best of brisk days and cold nights.

We are a only couple of hours out of Nashville and John is already in to Mamaw's famous apricot fried pies.  You can tell by his expression how guilty he feels.

Laughter is frequent on these trips...

...and the girls already have the giggles!