Guy Ride 2002

The annual Guy Ride.  Ricky and Toothpick rode their Harleys down from Nashville and Pat and I trailered up from Orlando.  We met at Linda and Jerry's in Marietta and embarked on a six-day ride around the mountains of Georgia, Tennessee, North and South Carolina.  

Along the way we met some of the most strange and interesting people you can imagine.  Some of the more interesting quotes from these people are at the bottom of this page.

Guy Ride 2002.  Bikes loaded and ready to roll.  The Kendon trailer hauls two Harley tourers with ease.

When Pat and I arrived at Linda and Jerry's, we found preparations for dinner well under way.  Jerry was grilling the steaks.

Linda was preparing the rest of the meal.

... and Ricky was hard at work helping Linda prepare the shrimp cocktail.

Linda and Ricky after a great steak dinner.

Linda and Jerry are such great hosts they  moved Jerry's car out so we could park the bikes in the garage.

Pat had some "minor" organizing to do.  "Minor".  Like deciding what to take and packing.  Toothpick supervised.

As a matter of fact, we all helped Pat pack.  Toothpick watches, providing advice here and there.  Ricky calls home and I document the packing.

Linda arrives to help..... Actually she's showing off her Harley T-shirt from Juneau, Alaska.

No comment.



Quotes from people along the way.......

"...I knew I should stop, but something inside me said 'Just go Boscoe,' so I just smiled at 'em and flicked my visor down like this right here and took off..." 

"....all I wanted to do was go to Granny's and eat turkey, but they hauled me off to jail..."

"....super glide - SPORT!"

"....I don't have a truck...."

".....he stabbed me fifteen times in the chest, then I beat him to a pulp and drove myself to the hospital, but I told the bartender 'You better call an ambulance for that guy in the bathroom'...."

".....she's part Cherokee - she won't shoot you, but she'll cut you...."

"....who's the cook? Is she married??"

"....and somehow we got on the part of the road that wasn't finished, and we ran the Winnebago off that 8-inch drop and up the other side and I flew off the seat and stuff was flyin' everywhere...."

"....I've been stabbed. You don't feel it going in, but you feel it coming out...."

"....crack changes the nicest people...."

"...he thinks he knows you..."

"....I've got a little studio and I'm trying to produce some of the local talent...both of them...that's me and my dad..."

"I had a little trouble and had to leave Florida.  I left this bar and this guy tries to carjack my car.  I can't get him to turn loose of the steering wheel, so I just grabbed him, pulled him in the car, and stabbed him 16 times with my pocketknife.  And the cops came, and they charged ME!!  Can you believe it?  They charged ME!"

"Today's special is meatloaf, but we only have two orders left".   "I'll take them BOTH".


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