West Virginia 2002

Eight guys.  Eight Harleys.  Back roads from Nashville to Beckley, West Virginia.  White Water Rafting.  Riding the mountains of West Virginia.  It doesn't get much better than this.

We take a refueling break along the way.

Bob's trailer holds the camping gear..... and a cooler!


Woody and Ricky have their own version of whitewater rafting!

Red negotiated parking of eight Harley's under cover at the Comfort Inn.  We think Red may have a potential second career as a parking lot attendant!

Celebration of a great trip with dinner at Applebee's.


Rain descends on West Virginia. 

A rest stop overlooks this peaceful Virginia valley.

Hungry Mother State Park made a good rest stop after riding the twisties.

Ricky tells Red about almost dropping his bike at this overlook last spring.

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