November 2005

John, Spicy, Judy, Pat, Woody, Judy

We left Orlando for a weekend trip to Apalachicola early Saturday morning.
The trip was a birthday celebration for John and his new Harley Ultra-Classic.
Saturday was one of those beautiful sunny, cool Florida fall days. 
Sunday, on the other hand, was wet! 
We're rainsuited up after breakfast on St. George Island near Apalachicola.


John and Spicy on their Harley Ultra Classic

Pat and Judy on their Harley Road King.
You can tell by the smiles that we're having fun!


John and Spicy on their new Harley Ultra-Classic
follow Pat and Judy on their Road King.


The girls share a laugh after breakfast
at Steak and Shake in Wildwood.

Earrings and helmets don't mix!

Judy Squared and Spicy.
Three Shakes Side by Side!

Hey, this Harley Riding is Fun Stuff!!


A shake break at Hardee's.

Coffee before a rainy ride to breakfast
on St. George Island.


Seafood on Apalachicola Bay.
Happy Birthday John!


John and Spicy at "our table" at Hardee's in Perry.
This Hardee's had the friendliest crew!
Very nice folks!


Martians have invaded the Ocala Rest Area!
Janice, is that you?

Judy chastises Woody about the "blowout"!

The "blowout" being the rear end
of Woody's Frogg Togg rainsuit!


Pat, John and Judy discuss the prospects
of rain on the way home.


Is this picture appropriate or what?
Lunch back in Orlando at the Winter Park Diner.