New Orleans 2007

Guy Weekend








Kelly, Mike and Randy engage in strategic planning for the weekend's events. 









High on the list, an airboat swamp tour and a tour of the hurricane Katrina devastation.  Oh, and maybe a side trip to the French Quarter and a casino.

Our airboat, with stadium seating no less.
We don't have a clue who the lady is sandwiched between Kelly and Randy, but she obviously knew a good thing when she saw it.

Our tour guide, airboat pilot, and chief gator handler. 
"All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!"


Cruising the swamp south of New Orleans.


It didn't take long to find our first alligator.
  This fellow didn't look too happy at being disturbed.

And there were plenty more where he came from.


About this time, our guide told us to beware of snakes
 dropping off overhanging limbs into the boat.  Yikes!!  

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